Scar And Acne Reduction

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Acne scars can leave you feeling very unhappy with your appearance. Whether the acne scars are fresh or they're something you've struggled with for years, SoCal Lazer & Medi-Spa in Huntington Beach, California can offer a solution. The Pollogen LEGEND™ treatment system is a state-of-the-art medical treatment device that combines the benefits of micro-needling, radiofrequency, and dynamic muscle activation to help you get rid of acne scars for good.

Scar And Acne Reduction Q & A

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How does the Pollogen LEGEND treatment reduce scars?

Pollogen LEGEND™ is an advanced medical device that includes a blend of micro-needling, radiofrequency technology, and dynamic muscle activation. With the combination of these different types of technology, patients can achieve smoother and tighter skin.

One of the most popular uses for the Pollogen LEGEND is scar and acne scar reduction.

Scars, especially acne scars, include depressions in the skin. These depressions won’t typically go away without treatment because the skin volume simply isn’t there. However, the Pollogen LEGEND system can stimulate dermal volumizing. By encouraging the growth of natural new collagen, the depressions can be lifted up to the same level as the rest of your skin.

In addition to dermal volumizing, the Pollogen LEGEND system can also tighten skin. This creates an overall improved appearance in your facial skin.

How many Pollogen LEGEND treatments are needed?

The number of treatments needed depends on your level of scarring and skin damage, but most patients need four to eight treatments to get the desired results. All those treatments are generally scheduled at least one week apart.

The production of fresh collagen takes time, so you can expect a gradual and continual improvement in your skin during the treatment process. Once the treatments are complete, you can maintain the results for the long term by maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes a good skincare routine.

Who is a good candidate for acne scar reduction?

Patients who suffer from acne scars of any type are excellent candidates for Pollogen LEGEND system treatment. However, pregnant women, patients with pacemakers, and patients who have certain medical conditions may not be eligible for Pollogen LEGEND system treatment.

Otherwise healthy patients are typically good candidates for Pollogen LEGEND system treatments for acne scars. As long as you’re an adult who’s struggling with the condition of their facial skin, you’re likely to be eligible for treatment.

Does the Pollogen LEGEND system have other applications?

Yes. In fact, the Pollogen LEGEND system can be used for several things in addition to acne scar treatment. It’s often used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, to volumize areas of the face where age-related volume loss has occurred, to reduce cellulite, and to perform body contouring.